Meanwhile I hate the marketplace

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The marketplace, what a total pain in the arse it is, for several reasons…..

Now I am just a customer, rather than someone who actually lists on it, so I’m sure there are several levels of hell involved in trying to put your stuff up but….. these are a couple off the top of my head

1) delivery failures….. I bought this top last wednesday, and delivery failed 😦 so I have spent the best part of a week chasing the creator (DAMN YOU TIMEZONES) trying to get it redelivered, it’s not the designers fault, we have all capped out from time to time, but it’s so frustrating to buy something and then it not arrive.

2) pages and pages and pages of utter shite stuff, not relevant to the search you have put in, and ugly as hell, do I really want to see the same shitty template top in 57 colours? NO!

3)  I always think when I’m looking for something specific ‘OOH, I’ll check the marketplace!’ and then after 20 minutes of hellish searching remember why I hate searching on it over again.

Hair – Me.
Skin – Curio
Freckles – mynerva
top – Ancayi
trousers – The Plastik
Shoes – GOS
Jewellery – Dark Mouse
Poses – Juxtapose

One thought on “Meanwhile I hate the marketplace

    Marianne said:
    June 21, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Oh, but the top is YUM! I agree, I have had several purchases coming late, but not so late as that. Are you making hairs? It looks good!

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