Meanwhile it’s all in profile

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I wanted to talk about faces, most of us have done our What’s your digits? from Strawberry Singh, and I thought to myself, unless someones done something horrific with their shape, like 100 legs and 0 torso, or 0 bodyfat and massive knockers the first thing I really look at in an avatar is their face.  We all have our own personal preferences, likes and dislikes, which is a good thing, because thats why there is so much variety in the faces on the feeds.

So, using Cajsa’s zoom tutorial  I zoomed in on my face, without the distortion.  I am not going to post what my numbers are, because I am really happy with my shape and I’m not sharing (not that it’s ever been an issue, nobody has ever asked for my shape) but I was more interested in the profile, because most people have pretty avi faces from the front, but from the side?

Now for 2 completely different shapes, these were shapes that were in skin packs, and the difference between the profiles is incredible.

so now the potential drama stuff, what are you shape hates?

Skin – Curio
Hair – booN
Eyes – Poetic Colors

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile it’s all in profile

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    April 27, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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