Meanwhile theres something in the sky

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It’s strange, it’s like a big yellow ball, and it’s giving out some heat….

Spring is almost here, it actually didn’t rain here for 2 days, it’s all very exciting. ¬†First up, I wanted to show you this belt, from 2real, it’s really clever, you get a hud and you can type it to flash anything you like, plus it’s scripted to change size, so nice and easy to use.

The new poses from Everglow are really really good, I love the attitude.

Credits –
Hair – lamb
Hair clip – Dark Mouse
Ears – visavi
skin – LAQ
Top – The Sea Hole
Jeans – Connors
Belt – 2Real
Boots – Surf co
Tattoo – Prickle
Necklace – Ha!
Poses – Everglow
Pictures taken at Black Bottom

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