Meanwhile down by the river

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I very rarely do studio photography anymore, I try and find really cool Sims to take pictures in instead sometimes I find a sim and then match the feel to an outfit, other times I have an outfit in mind then choose a place that matches it.

What I am going to endeavour to do is put the SLurl for all the cool places I use at the bottom of every post.  As with most of my blog images, they are unedited.

First up, another new hairpiece from booN

I bought the new Curio-Autumn skins a couple of weeks ago, and I am totally in love with them – this one, which is a bonus skin when you buy the fatpack is my favourite by far.

and although I don’t mention them on every post, my go-to eyes from Poetic colors.

Hair and hairbase – booN
Skin – Curio
Jacket – Grasp
Top – MichMi
Earrings – Rozoregalia
Jeans – Zaara
Boots – Gos
Eyes – Poetic Colors
Poses Everglow
All pictures taken at Lula

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