Meanwhile what is in a skin?

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If you are reading this, then you probably have more than 10 skins in your inventory (and by more than 10, I’m actually thinking of an excessive amount) There are lot’s of skinners on the grid these days, something for everyone, there lot’s of choices and now with tattoo layer makeups the choices are seemingly endless but what do you look for in a skin? (all pictures are unedited)

We all have our preferences regarding what we look for in a skin, must haves and hates, from dirty bottoms to nose shapes.

My must haves are the lips, as I don’t adjust my shape for any skins, the lips have got to look great, if I dislike the lips, then I won’t even bother looking any further.  The face is the most important part of a skin for me.  I prefer darker eyebrows, and I will always Squee at freckles.

Although I always prefer softer shading around the boobs, as I am smaller chested in SL, I am rarely naked so It’s not a big deal for me.  What I do hate on skins is moles and that is a total turn off for me.  I also dislike the frowny mouths on some skins as they just don’t work on my shape.

Of course, the whole post is an excuse to whip ’em oot for the lads in my new Curio Autumn skin 😀 which as with all curio skins, I adore because of the fabulous lips.

So what are your must haves? what are your hates?

Credits –
Hair –
Skin – Curio
Undies and Shoes – House of London

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